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2010 pike derby archive
 2010 3rd Annual Mat-Su Pike Derby
Lowell Burgett Heaviest Pike 22 lb 12 0z
Todd Mathiesen Longest 44 inches

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Bob Witz Most Number of Pike 205
Bench By Mark and Robin Braaten-Expedition Homes 3rd Year Sponsor
Trace Merrigan shortest 13 1/2 inches
Jered Cizek

February 1- March 31, 2010

49 inch pike from Alexander Lake. Thanks Dave and Sam!!!

Final Weekly winners:March 31, 2010
Shortest -16" Bob Witz
Longest-40 inches -Jered Cizek
Most number-64- Jered Cizek
Heaviest-  16 lb 1 oz Jered Cizek

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Overall Winners:week 5
Longest-Jason Sharlow-41 1/2 inches
Shortest-Trace Merrigan-13 1/2 inches
Heaviest-Ginger Kumpula- 19 1/2 pounds
Most #-Bob Witz- 142 total

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Please pick up your prizes at the Wasilla Sportsman's Warehouse customer service desk.

Ginger Kumpula with her 41 inch pike!!
Overall derby leaders 2/22/2010:
Longest-41" Ginger Kumpula
Shortest-Trace Merrigan- 13 1/2
Heaviest-Jason Sharlow-17lb 9 oz
Most Number of Pike total-Bob Witz-102

Total Number of Pike Checked in-248

2nd Weekly Winners 2/15/2010:
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Total Checked in 2/15/10-126

1st WEEKLY WINNERS!!!!! Week ending Sunday 2/7/2010:

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New weekly sponsor Alaska Forge Moose coat hooks made here in the Mat-Su!!

Weekly winners will be posted at Sportsmans Warehouse, 3 Rivers Fly and Tackle and the Houston Lodge and Visitor Center on Tuesday's.
Than-you to 100.9 fm Country Legends and on

All weekly prizes will be delivered in Re-useable canvas bags donated by Nancy's Market Bags.

2 South Rolly Tagged Pike Prize:2 ice houses from 3 Rivers fly and tackle

Awards Banquet: April 11, 2010 6 pm Houston Lodge

2010 Banquet Prizes for the Mat-Su Pike Derby
Alaska Pike Hunters Website  and Trail Ridge Air-1 day Guided Pike Fishing trip for 3 @ Alexander Lake!!!! Congratulations Breanna
Deshka Landing Summer pass-
Gorilla Fireworks
Sportsman's Warehouse  Gear and Gift Cards
Raven Glass Works-
BuschWhacker Decoys
Mat-Su Anglers
Expedition Log Homes
Little Susitna River Campground
HeadQuarters Custom Embroidery!!!
Nancy's Market Bags
AK Cozy Coal
Ruka Designs
42 incher caught by Bob Pence

2009 Results-


1-Steve Runyun 12 "
2-Greg Busch 12 1/2
3-Bob Witz 15"
4-Bob Witz 15"
5-Greg Busch 16" Bob Witz 16"
6-Bob Witz 16 1/4"
7-Mike Donofrio 16 1/2"
8-Hiedi Sult 16 1/2"
9-Dan Armstrong 17"
10-Bob Witz 17"


1-Kaleb Summit 46"
2-Ed Sliker 41 1/2"
3-Rick Smeltzer 38 1/2"
4-Ed Sliker 38"
5-Breanna Seime 31"
6-Jason Sharlow 31"
7-Ed Sliker 31"
8-Douglas Wilbur 30"
9-Susan Schach=le 30"
10-Bob Witz 29 3/4


1-Jeff Trotter 19 pounds
2-Jason Sharlow 11 pounds 11  oz
3- Bob Witz 10 pounds 12 oz
4- Bob Witz 9 pounds 2 oz
5-Patrick Merrigan 8 pounds 8 oz
6- Bob Witz 7 pounds 8 oz
7- Raelynn Moehring 6 pounds 2 oz
8-Travis Shultz 6 pounds 2 oz
9-Bob Witz 6 pounds 2 oz
10-Douglas Wilbur 6 pounds 1 oz

Most Number of Pike 09

1-Bob Witz 70
2-Jered Cizek 42
3-Clark Meyers 41
4-Greg Busch 23
5-Raelynn Moehring 14
6-Dan Armstrong 12
7- Ed Sliker 12
8-Susan Schachle 11
9-Doug Wilbur 10
10-Jason Sharlow 10
      Larry Schachle 10

2009 Derby         

46 incher!!!!!! 21 pounds 7 oz.!!
Kaleb Summit checked in at 3 Rivers Fly and Tackle!
Caught at Long Lake .............
Thank-You Lyn Carden and Mike Hudson for having a camera ready for this trophy fish!!!!!
Jeff Trotter 19 pound pike

Sponsors of the 2009 Mat-Su Pike Derby:

Thank-You Susitna Rotary For volunteering to freight in our supplies for a fun event!!!!

Family Fun Days-  Sponsored by Expedition Log Homes! Thanks Robin and Mark

Nancy Lake Family Fun Days

Name of Business________________________________________________________________________

Type of Donation_________________________________________________________________________

Value of Donation or Sponsorship___________________________________________________________

Please mail your information to :Houston Chamber of Commerce PO BOX 356 Houston AK 99694
Jacie Harts winning pike from 08  26 pounds.

Pike spearing guide Mark Braaten, left, and Eagle Riverís Dan Markgraf pose with pike caught last month. Markgrafís 41-inch fish tied for first place in the Mat-Su Pike Derby. (Photo courtesy of Arrowhead Outfitters)

Anchorageís Peter Aftreth poses with his 41-inch northern pike caught earlier this winter while spear fishing with Arrowhead Outfitters. Aftreth tied Eagle Riverís Dan Markgraf for the longest fish entered in the ConocoPhillips Mat-Su Pike Derby. (Photo courtesy of Arrowhead Outfitters)

and the winner is!!!!!!!!!

Private investigators believe Wisconsin man smuggled in the winning fish

Fish tale causes big stink
Feb. 25: One Wisconsin fisherman has caused a big stink after being accused of cheating during an ice fishing contest by bringing in, not catching, a big fish.
KARE's Allen Costatini reports.
NBC News Channel

updated 8:29 a.m. HT, Wed., Feb. 25, 2009
SOMERSET, Wis. - Lee Shehow had a whopper of a fish tale.
Shehow, of New Richmond, claimed to have won Saturday's ice fishing contest on Bass Lake in Somerset after pulling up a northern pike weighing 2.42 pounds.
TV cameras were rolling when he was asked what he would do with the grand prize, a $27,000 Dodge pickup truck. He replied: "Drive it like it's stolen."

But private investigators working for the tournament suspected the winning fish was smuggled in.
Under contest rules, the winner was offered the chance Sunday to take a lie detector test and refused, organizer John Montpetit said, and that meant the prize had to go Tuesday to the runner-up, Monica Slimmer, of La Crosse, who caught a northern pike weighing 1.72 pounds.
Shehow denied cheating when interviewed by KARE-TV of Minneapolis-St. Paul. He said he caught the fish fairly and only gave up the prize because he didn't want to cause bad publicity for the Somerset Youth Athletic Association, which had put on the tournament as a fundraiser.
No phone listing could be found for Shehow when The Associated Press tried to reach him Tuesday night for further comment.
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The prayer:
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