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2011 Proposed budget for Houston Chamber

3. 2011 PO Office $140.July
4. 2011 state chamber dues $120.Feb
5. office expences $300. per year est.
$560 expenses

$2000 (carry over interim wells fargo account)-560 -400 pike derby startup     +wells Fargo Account $400+-
need new signer on mvfcu account
need new resolution for  interim wells fargo account.
Need new resolution for mvfcu account Spending and saving authority according to budget, instead of individual resolutions for each activity.

4th annual Mat-Su Pike Derby-Start-up costs $400.
Radio Contracts
Newspaper announcements
Mail out to sponsors.
Gas for facilitating prizes-2 trips to wasilla per week for 8 weeks $25 per week
Flyers weekly
Goal for 2011 4th annual pike derby is to take in enough money through ticket sales to pay for advertising expences 600-700($400 to start) , cash prize for 1st place  $ 400 , provide lots of local sponsor businesses with good advertising and banquet