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Chamber Committees
Committees are the backbone of the Houston Chamber of Commerce. By participating in one of the Houstonís Chamber committees you will have the opportunity to meet other business professionals, network with fellow Houston Chamber members, develop leadership and project management skills and to be involved in community events and issues that impact our community.
There are a variety of Houston Chamber committees to participate in, no matter what your interest may be. The advocacy committees depend on the actions of volunteer committee members to continue the Houston Chamberís advocacy program. Committee members often research and discuss issues that are important to the business community and residents alike, in an effort to influence our decision makers. It is often the recommendations of Houston Chamber committees that determine the direction of the Houston Chamber Board of Directors. Advocacy at the Houston Chamber begins and ends with volunteers.

Annual Election:
President:          Nancy Sult
Vice President: Paul Zitko
Executive Vice President:         Robert Hall
Secretary:         Ruthie Blanchard
Treasurer:       Charles Parker
Board Director: Rosemary Burnett
Board Director: Robin Braaten