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Visiting Houston AK?
Summer in Houston offers lots of opportunity for camping, hiking, and fishing. The City of Houston has a large camping park on the Little Susitna River with both rustic camping and RV parking with facilities and a dump station. The Gazebo is available for big picnics and events. A nearby playground provides the kids with a fun place to play. Stop by the Visitor Center to register and get information about activities in Houston. Have a cup of Coffee, or Blueberry Tea, use our online computer to check your email and take care of basic office tasks at our workstation. We have a lending library and you are welcome to check out a book.;
Call us at (907)892-6812
Fax to send or receive (907)892-6813
Cell (907)232-1387

Mat-Su Visitor Center

Matanuska and Sustina Valleys
Denali State Park: This park is approximately half way between Anchorage and Fairbanks and is adjacent to Denali National Park.
Independence Mine State Historical Park: This gold mine turned historic park sits on the tundra in the Hatcher Pass area north of Anchorage.
Nancy Lake State Recreation Area: This 22,685 acre park, 67 miles north of Anchorage, has canoe trails, ski and snomachine trails, cabins and more.
Summit Lake State Recreation Site This 360 acre park is near Independence Mine SHP in Hatcher Pass, north of Anchorage.